Yes, it's back...

I have revived "Cheep Rooms". What can I say? I like birdhouses.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cheep Rooms on Tumblr

Hmmm.... still trying to find the utmost format for birdhouse photos and giving Tumblr a whirl.  I like this format for the sheer volume of photos and you can submit your photos directly!

You do not have to "join" Tumblr and you just post your photo as you would on your blog.  And remember to include your blog link! If you would like.... just email me with your link and I will post it for you.

tufagirl at gmail  dot  com


  1. Fun! I like the one on the fence. I like that Tumbllr doesn't require joining.

  2. You can post to the Cheep Rooms page on Tumblr but if you want your own page.... then you will need to join.

  3. These are all so cool!!! Makes me want to run to the basement and start building birdhouses :0)

  4. I have a photo you might like. I'll post it tomorrow. The birdhouse is made of recycled mangowood. I've never been to Tumblr but will figure it out! :o)

  5. You might like the header I just added to my blog.
    It's a birdhouse fence made from old slab wood from a sawmill. My friend and I built it several years ago.


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