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I have revived "Cheep Rooms". What can I say? I like birdhouses.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Birdhouse Fencing

Corgis In My Garden
Sharon from Corgis In My Garden sent me a note about her new header photo.  "It's a birdhouse fence made from old slab wood from a sawmill. My friend and I built it several years ago."

Is this the best group of birdhouses, ever?


  1. I'm in love!!!1 Good thing I don't know her address or that fence would be coming home with me :0)

  2. OH! I love this. What a clever idea! I heard you Texans have snow. Give it back. It's mine. We have none and cannot ski. :)))

  3. I love that fence, but I bet cats do too if it is occupied.

  4. The fence boards are flat and are not real birdhouses. :)

  5. I love this!!! Very clever! :o) I wasn't able to post the birdhouse pix on Tumblr but it will show up on my blog next week.

  6. Carol - We may all be by her house if she gives directions.

    Kate - I was wishing for snow here in the FW area but only west (out by Amarillo) got snow. Sharon's photo is showing her snow in Richmond, VA.

    GA & Sharon - I bet a few birds have been fooled by this fence.

    Casa Mariposa - I was hoping the Tumblr posting would be an easy process - maybe try again? If not, I will come by and take a look.


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